Mike Wynn whistleblower consultant


Are you thinking of blowing the whistle on your boss, a politician, a police officer, or someone else that is threatening or intimidating you? Are you afraid of the consequences? contact me. I can offer testimony in court related to whistleblowing and retaliation, in addition to advice and counsel of procedures to reduce or eliminate possible retaliation consequences. 

I have testified as a whistleblower in several trials, having been cited as an expert in one circuit court civil case. 

I have counseled others while they were  deciding how and when to blow the whistle. I have helped them see all sides of this matter for the benefit of themselves, and their families. I have instructed others on the cultural and expected reactions to their potential whistleblowing. 

I have advised others on how not to "sacrifice" themselves or their families while acknowledging and reporting on wrongdoing in their work place, neighborhood, or governmental agency. 


For free initial consultation contact Mike Wynn at 850-224-4055 or mikebwinn@gmail.com.


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