I have been an investigator since 1973. I conducted extensive presentence investigations on persons accused of felonies. I learned the craft of investigations in the early 1970's starting with the state parole office in West Palm Beach, Florida. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I was on the Dean's Honor Roll and academic list in the spring of 1973.

I conducted numerous and wide-ranging financial investigations as a securities investigator for the Florida Comptroller's office. These investigations included fact-finding missions into unregistered and fraudulent stock offerings and investments, fraudulent mortgage loans, state expense voucher tampering, and embezzlement. I served for years as Securities Investigation Supervisor, Assistant Chief Investigator and Executive Assistant for the Florida Comptroller's office.

I have had financial fraud training with the SEC, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center GLYNCO. In 1995, I won the National Giraffe Project's Whistleblower Award. (Just Google "Giraffe Heroes database" and type "Wynn" in the alphabet for details.) I specialize in representing the underdog, the oppressed, the victims of what I call the vast law enforcement growth industry.


As an example of how our rights are so fragile, one need only look at the statistics of the Innocence Project, where so many people have been found innocent of the crimes they were convicted of, after spending years on death row.

As hard as it is to say, we are no longer as free as we should be under both the Florida and the United States Constitutions. Government intrusion into our lives is at an all-time high.

I have testified in every kind of grand jury there is here in Florida, including county, state, and federal grand juries. I have also worked as an investigator in state grand juries looking into financial fraud and organized criminal financial enterprises.

In the early 1990's I was the only non-sworn coordinator for the Big Bend S.T.I.N.G. program at the time. (S.T.I.N.G. stands for Statewide Terrorist Intelligence Network Group.) S.T.I.N.G. was comprised of representatives from F.D.L.E, the FBI, Secret Service and Big Bend's sheriff's and local law enforcement agencies. I am an expert in obtaining hard-to-get Florida public records. I believe that finding the facts through investigation and background checks also relieves anxiety for the average client about personal and business situations.

Information truly is a powerful tool in making you feel more confident about any situation, and allows you to take action based on facts, not emotion.

I believe that background information is essential in making any kind of decision. It keeps your head clear, while moving forward with any decision. Even in negative situations, sometimes just checking the facts makes you feel better, and helps you plan your next move.


We specialize in Criminal Defense Investigations for those accused of crimes.

We also engage in the following:

1. Reasonable Doubt Inquiries

2. Unjust firings and whistleblower matters.

3. Background investigations

4. Credential verifications

5. Premarital background checks

6. Dating and domestic background investigations

7. Fraud

8. Financial investigations

9. Loss of freedom investigations

10. Civil litigation support

11. All matters involving the defense against overzealous regulatory agencies (Code Enforcement, etc.)

12. Missing persons

13. Witness location



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